free spiritual help

I’m overjoyed that you found my site! My name is Louise-Charlotte and this website is a way for me to give back, to simply express my gratitude, love and light by offering free spiritual help to others. I’m not a guru and I don’t use a complicated spiritual jargon. I just deeply believe in a kind, gentle, non-judgmental, loving attitude towards other people, no matter their identity or their actions. Our world needs it badly so I’m just adding my little light to the ones of all the people who are helping their fellow human beings.

Your free spiritual help

On Your Spiritual Help, you can simply ask for help and advices and I will answer from a spiritual angle to help you understand what you’re going through or your emotions, overcome a difficult situation, see things from a different perspective, get answers to questions you may have about spirituality… I’m giving free spiritual help but you can donate if you want to.

Spirituality is a broad word that often seems to belong to the main religions. But my spirituality knows no dogmas nor rules. If it’s a religion, it’s the religion of Love, Tolerance and Acceptance. The essence of it can be called “God”, the “Source”, “Lord”, whatever you want.

Before asking me for help, please feel free to read the FAQ to know more about the spirituality I feel close to in order for you to see if you feel connected to it. You can also read the About Me page to know more about me and my journey. And to ask for my help, feel free to go to the Ask For Help page.

Love & Light to you,